Back Painted Glass

Red Seal Glass

Back-painted glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Back-painted glass is a versatile design element that offers endless possibilities for customization. Whether you’re looking to create a sleek, modern kitchen backsplash, a vibrant feature wall, or a custom tabletop, our back-painted glass is the perfect solution.

Back-painted glass provides an incredibly smooth, glossy finish that can be tailored to any color scheme. This allows for a high degree of personalization, ensuring your new installation perfectly matches your existing décor.

Not only does back-painted glass look stunning, but it’s also exceptionally practical. It’s easy to clean, resistant to heat and moisture, and won’t fade or discolor over time. This combination of beauty and durability makes it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Expert Design and Installation

Our design process begins with understanding your vision. We offer a wide range of color options and can work with you to create a custom color match if desired. Once the design is finalized, our Red Seal certified glaziers meticulously apply the paint to the back of the glass, creating a rich, lustrous finish.


When it comes to installation, our team upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety. We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure your back-painted glass is installed with precision and care.