Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business be exposed while installing a glass storefront?
Is there a difference between safety glass and tempered glass?
What thickness of glass should I use for my project?
Can I add film/tint to my insulated windows?

No; we’ll make sure that your project is properly closed off to the public. We’ll try to minimize disruption to your business, especially during peak business hours.

Safety and tempered glass are actually the same thing! However, they are quite different from normal glass—because they shatter/break differently. Regular glass will usually shatter into large pieces, but safety/tempered glass will shatter into smaller pieces that are less likely to cause injury. Plus, safety/tempered glass is hardier and tougher to break than your normal variety of glass.

That answer varies and is dependent on your project! We’ll do a full consultation with you to determine what thickness is most suitable.

We do not recommend adding tint to already-insulated glass. This can result in excess heat, which will lead to stress cracks and moisture build-up.