Glass Safety Barriers

Glass Safety Barriers

Safety barriers, also called “sneeze guards,” are a necessity in today’s businesses. All of us, whether employee or client, want to know that all measures were taken to ensure a safe, healthy environment.

Whatever your need, the goal always remains the same; to keep you, your staff, and your clients safe.

Other bonuses of using a glass shields:

  • Easier to clean and sanitize than acrylic or plastic shields.
  • Better for the environment. Glass can be reused and recycled, repeatedly. Avoid throwing a plastic/acrylic shield in the landfill when you need to remove a safety barrier.
  • Long-lasting and quality materials—meaning you won’t have to replace or forfeit visual appeal.

Gift your clients with peace of mind with this extra layer of protection, without sacrificing your business’ aesthetic.

Red Glass Seal offers custom-made glass safety barriers that are designed with your space in mind.

Not only do these barriers do their job—provide protection from germs—but they also look beautiful while doing it. We can customize each safety barrier to be exactly what you need in terms of thickness, colour, shape, and size. Plus, we’ll meet any special requirements you have (like holes for item access, windows or doors, open/close hinges, and more!). Red Seal Glass guards can be made tempered, semi-transparent and we can even print your signage inside of the glass. 

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We offer FREE glass shield delivery for Edmonton locations!