Glass Safety Barriers - A Must During COVID 19

Life has changed. Whether it's needing to stay 6 ft apart in a grocery line, carrying hand sanitizer, or wearing a cloth mask when you leave your house, things are looking different than they did three months ago. One change that is starting to roll out is the need for businesses to implement "glass shields" or "safety barriers". These barriers have reached most grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies but more and more businesses are starting to see the need. In fact, it may not come as a surprise that the government could mandate the use of safety shields across all service industries.

What is a glass safety barrier?

Sometimes referred to as "sneeze guards" these glass shields were originally introduced to prevent contamination at buffets and self-serve counters. Due to the recent pandemic of COVID 19 these barriers are now being utilized to safeguard in-store person to person interaction across a variety of industries. Sneeze guards are a great option for cashiers and front line workers who are exposed to many different individuals. Commonly seen in banks, hospitals and other institutions where separation is required from the public, glass guards can be used as shields to help protect employees that may come into contact with possible contamination. As the longevity of the COVID crisis remains unknown more businesses are adding barriers to their tills for safety and distancing between staff and customers.

The Downsides of Homemade Safety Shields

Many businesses are desperately making their own homemade shields out of plastic, wood, or a slightly better option, acrylic. These materials will not last and none are as high quality or customizable as a protective glass barrier:

A homemade plastic safety shield with visible damage Another damaged homemade plastic safety shield Damage to the wood supporting a homemade safety shield A homemade shield with makeshift metal supports A homemade shield suspended from the ceiling in a makeshift way A homemade plastic shield drilled into a wood support
Some examples of problematic homemade safety shields

Although acrylic barriers are a better option than say cardboard, they still fall short behind glass quality. Acrylics scratch much more easily than glass, which means more care is required. Something difficult to ensure when you are seeing dozens of customers per day. Acrylics are also easily distorted and can be bent during construction. Lastly, acrylic is more expensive than glass! Glass remains the best option for value, longevity, and durability when putting up a safety barrier for your business. Red Seal Glass is able to produce custom highquality sneeze guards and glass barriers.

Why Choose Red Seal Glass Safety Barriers?

Red Seal Glass makes high-quality, custom glass which is better for these applications. Red Seal Glass guards can be made tempered, semi-transparent and even print signage INSIDE of the glass, rather than just adding a sticker on top. Not only does it mean better durability, it is more aesthetically pleasing. These materials can literally last forever and are not only the superior choice but the safer one. Besides being a high quality durable material, glass can be recycled very cheaply numerous times. It is the best choice for the environment rather than using a cheaply made plastic option for sneeze guards. Glass is very easily cleaned and disinfected, ensuring that customers and staff are safe.

Red Seal quality glass is up to the task of manufacturing quality glass barriers. Unlike the plastic version, our glass shields are customizable and of sound quality. There are a variety of thicknesses available, multiple color options, and the ability to cut the glass to and shape or size required. Our sneeze guards can include holes for accessing items, windows/doors, open/close hinges, the list goes on! We are also able to fix the glass to your desk or counter and even install counter - to - ceiling glass. These glass barriers are meant to be a tool that is effective and still attractive to your business, which is why they are completely customizable. The goal always remains the same, to keep you, your staff, and your clients safe.

Unfortunately, because this is such a new need, many business owners are struggling to find proper safety glass. Makeshift cardboard screens, plastic tied together, and even covers with old peeled off stickers are showing up in a variety of industries. While these businesses are trying, they are ultimately not doing themselves proper service by providing the best option available. Red Seal Glass makes high-quality, custom glass which is better for safety barrier applications. In instances where employees may come into contact with the sick, glass guards can be custom built to allow the continued flow of transaction between customer and seller while still protecting the employee from accidental spread of germs.. Our sneeze guard glass barriers are a great tool to help flatten the curve.

Preventing the spread of contamination is best aided when affordable and practical safety measures are put in place. This includes accessible handwashing, facemasks, social distancing and glass safety barriers. Red Seal Glass sneeze guards are an effective measure to keep germs safely away from staff and sale items. Unfortunately, we can not rely on everyone to regularly wash their hands or stay up to date with best practices. What we can do, is ensure safety barriers are put in place to separate between potential contamination by hand and airborne germs.

Red Seal Glass is your custom glass solution. Get in touch to better discuss your businesses needs and how we can flatten the curve together.

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